Keep track of the company's safety data sheets and relevant pdf files, and search among exposure limit values for UK, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

You can simply and easily upload your safety data sheets, so you can access them at any time, no matter whether you are traveling, at the office or in the production area. You can also access links where you can easily search for classifications of substances. You also have the option to make your safety data sheets public, so your customers can also access them.

Manage PDF documents.

You can upload SDS, APB, APV (written work assessment), technical data sheets, hazardous substance labels, written work instructions for each of your products, in addition one other optional PDF file. This will allow you to maintain a good overview of the documentation for each of your products.

Search among limit values from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and England.

Our database contains limit values for substances in Denmark, England, Sweden and Norway. This gives you the option to select the country you want to perform the search for limit values in, or you can search among all the countries simultaneously.

Prepare Chemical risk assessments and written work instructions here.

We have templates for both Norway, Sweden and Denmark - according to national rules. Once prepared, thise templates can easily be uploaded to the system, and found when needed.

14 day free trial.

Contact us and we will ensure you receive free access for 14 days. Please note, if you need us to upload your safety data sheets or other documents into your account, as well as any categorization, please contact us.

The subscription includes up to 5 users per company in the price, with the option to add additional users at an extra cost.

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